About us

Aerodynamics combats the threat of disruption and builds a competitive advantage through holistic technology and innovation research.

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2020 founded

We are a young
company founded 2020

200+ colleagues

200+ colleagues across different
countries worldwide.

About us

Founded in 2020, AeroDynamics is a fast-growing company engaged in design, integration, production, and operation of innovative products, systems, and services. The cornerstone of our success is our 230 employees and their professional integrity.

Our benefits:
• Commercialize our technology in existing or new markets
• Understand the impact of disruptive technologies
• Evaluate technology markets and identify growth

The mission of AeroDynamics is to contribute to the revival of scientific innovation and education in Armenia.

We aim at conducting fundamental research in the Science of Autonomy by leveraging the latest developments in Control Theory and Artificial Intelligence.

At present, AeroDynamics is also engaged in some educational and research projects.

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Yerevan, Armenia
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