Founded in 2020

We are a young
company founded in 2020

200+ colleagues

200+ colleagues across different
countries worldwide.


AeroDynamics’ Projects

Risk-aware motion control of mobile robots
- Control systems: Linear Control
- Drone operation and tuning
- Path planning for swarm  systems based on MFG

Forestation Drone Project

Aims to automate and scale the tree planting process using modern technologies, especifically drones.
Focuses on increasing the successful growth rate of trees by continuous monitoring and precise care.

Delivery Drone Project

Aims at AI-enhanced drone technology for efficient, accurate, and sustainable delivery solutions.

Sports Videography Drone Project

The aim is to have an autonomous FPV drone which will not require a pilot with the capabilities of capturing the same high-quality videos which FPV pilots capture with their quadcopters.

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