Technical Control Engineer

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Job responsibilities

Objectives of this Role

Responsible for ensuring that the products (UAVs/Drones/Robots/Systems/Parts) produced meet quality standards required to maximize customer satisfaction whilst ensuring that procedures and processes are adhered to. Ensure incoming materials meet required quality standards. Responsible for identifying and raising quality issues and for speedily resolving them to ensure zero impact to the customer. Support new product (UAVs/Drones/Robots/Systems/Parts) introductions to ensure the robustness of product builds. Work in a team environment to develop and implement best practices that emphasize defect prevention, reduction in variation and waste and provide for continuous improvements in meeting all customer requirements.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities
  • Coordinate activities to evaluate and resolve sometimes technically challenging engineering and quality-related problems encountered in assigned area of the customer’s facility
  • Determine and collect relevant data for product and installation improvements to understand any problems and decide when to appropriately escalate issues
  • Investigate reports of defective, damaged or malfunctioning parts, assemblies, equipment or systems to determine nature and scope of problem that the customer is experiencing
  • Examine, measure, inspect and/or test defective part for conformance to engineering design drawings or blueprint specifications using precision measuring and testing equipment
  • Identify anomalies on engineering drawings back to the design function
  • Maintain records to oversee recording of information by others to ensure engineering drawings and documents are current and that engineering related production problems and resolutions are documented
  • Evaluate findings to formulate corrective action plan and coordinate implementation
  • Organize and manage any re-work of finished goods that may be necessary
  • Report into the customer what the root causes were to quality issues, the containment measures and corrective actions taken to ensure resolution
  • Identify root cause and instigate permanent corrective actions for product quality issues
  • Stop production in the event of manufacture of unacceptable goods/processes
  • Write product test procedures
  • Assist with first off sample approvals
  • Participate in quality audits
  • Lead process improvement activities
  • Produce written reports and make presentations
  • Perform root cause analysis and resolve problems
  • Independently determine approach and assigned tasks

Required qualifications

Skills and Qualifications
  • Relevant engineering degree (Electrical/Electronics/Automation/Robotics/Mechatronics Engineering)
  • Previous experience in a manufacturing environment
  • Experience of working in Quality Assurance (QA) or Quality Control (QC) PREFERRED
  • Knowledge of quality systems
  • Ability to work on own initiative

Preferred Qualifications

Technical Control Engineer


Quality Assurance /Control

June 16, 2024
Employment term


Job type

Technical Control Engineer



Required candidate level

Mid level

Daily and Monthly Responsabilities

Skills and Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

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