UAV Test Pilot

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Job responsibilities

Objectives of this Role

A UAV Test-Pilot is responsible for operating a drone, controls a drone, takes it off, keeps on course, performs mission and land safely. Also, UAV Pilot conducts safety tests, oversees vehicle performance and assesses drone systems capabilities.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities
  • Check UAVs before a flight to ensure safe and proper operation
  • Analyze weather forecasts to ensure safe flights
  • Document pre- and post-flight logs
  • Monitor drones during flight
  • Plan drone flight routes
  • Navigate drones along designated paths
  • Perform equipment testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance

Required qualifications

Skills and Qualifications
  • UAV flying experience
  • Technical - Problem-solving and Trouble Shooting abilities
  • Understanding of English

Preferred Qualifications

UAV Test Pilot


Other IT

July 3, 2024
Employment term


Job type

Full time



Required candidate level

Mid level

Daily and Monthly Responsabilities

Skills and Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

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